Tolstoy and Breakfast

This is Tolstoy after his disease treatment. He used to be GOLD. My daughter says that on his birthday we should make him a "fish cake".

Sometimes I feel like I run a diner around here. This is what transpired this morning:

"Want some eggs for breakfast?" I ask my son, who is the world's largest egg lover.

"Yeah," he says, "I was hungry last night after dinner still. I'm thinkin' five."

"Five?" I say, aghast. "I don't think so."

"Ok. Four. But I'm real hungry."

"How bout this: three eggs and some toast?" I offer.

"Sounds good, but lay off the toast," he says, shaking his palm at me.


Emily said...

That's a pretty picture. It's very 'parkly.

Natalie said...

am i missing something? that fish looks gold... please explain in further detail...

i agree, though, it IS very 'parkly! in fact, it's bookoo 'parkly!

R said...

The top of his head is gold, with big spots of black, and then his fins taper down into silver and then black again. If you look at the fish you will see this, otherwise you are on CRACK!

He is TOTALLY not gold. Only the very top of his fish head. He used to be a fully orange fish---bright orange with no black, no silver, just orange (or gold). His scales are shedding off and he is trying to rid himself of the parasite after I medicated the water.

The rocks in the tank make it very parkly. I think it's kind of pretty too.

Tolstoy is a real trooper. I thought he would have kicked the bucket by now.