I had a talk with Dear Sir. He told me to never blog about blogging and not blogging. He said that this is a rule he has. I never knew this rule, so I will blog about how I should never blog about blogging and not blogging.

All is absolved.

Now that we got that little thing out of the way, I am moving in three days. Dear Sir is home for the week (yes!) and he even says that this week should be fun.

I woke up this morning before seven and ran six miles. I read somewhere that if you drink right before you run, your body is working so much that the fluid never reaches the kidneys, but turns directly into sweat. I tried it because I half way did not believe it. Well what do ya know, I was a sweating machine. It even got in my eyes. I ran for an hour and didn't even have to use the bathroom when I got home. Weird, huh? It's like magic or something.

Well, since I have most things packed I think I will read for a bit.


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