I have not written in a bit because I just moved. The people that we bought the house from left a fish for us (a fat gold one) and we named him Hemingway ("Scooby" is a detestable name). My daughter keeps calling him "Swimmingway" on accident.

I have a slew of boxes and a birthday to celebrate (my daughter's).

It is all a Hello Kitty and Barbie explosion.

I love my house.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Congratulations on the house and move!! How exciting and I'm so glad to hear you love it. Make sure to give me all your new contact info when you have a free moment - which I know won't be for a while. When you can. Happy home making!
Oh - Happy birthday to E!
-your friend in the "tinkle" drill (by the way, I don't think those lights even had a switch. You needed a key.)

Anonymous said...

I have a precious, beautiful niece named Scooby

Joel said...


If your niece is named Scooby, that is just too bad. Glad she is precious! If you are pulling my leg, well, I have a niece named Scooby too.

Other Anonymous that I know so well: thank you for the well-wishes! I never ever want to do a tinkle drill again. That was most horrible and produced very ill results.

Joel said...

by the way, I realized that "Joel" is the poster. It is supposed to be "Rachel"

Sorry about that. I am a computer moron, it seems. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand. Scooby is such a detestable name that you renamed the fish after a drunken philanderer.

R said...

Right, my friend!

I figured (and I really thought this one out) that at least my drunken suicidal crazy man who lived in Ketchum did not have a ridiculous and annoying sidekick named Shaggy.

That is ALWAYS a plus.