After Gig

The gig went really well. I was a little less nervous with my hefty glass of red wine and a bottle of water in case my mouth went dry. It always helps to sing a mellow Van Morrison song (Crazy Love) to get you warmed up. I think about the next set I was a little more nervous---I think because I messed up a bit on Blackbird but my dear guitarist buffered it up and smoothed it out, so that is what it means to have a real team up there.

We were essentially background noise. I liked it, really. I felt like a true lounge singer. The cool thing about it is that we did not stand out too much, we did not ask much of anyone, we just did our thing and people actually thought we knew what we were doing and did not look at us like we were crazy to think that we could pass as a band. I thought the atmosphere and the music itself that was chosen made the people very comfortable. I think we did a good job for the purpose.

It always makes you feel good when you sing the Australian anthem and the New Zealand anthem (probably not THEE anthems, but for some reason the two songs are very dear to these people)---it makes them cry, or evokes a sweet memory from them. An older Australian gentleman told me that I sang very well and he told me where he was from. I told him I had never been to Australia. He said, "Well you sing Waltzing Matilda like you have!"

I think that was the best compliment I have received in a long time. The people were very gracious, very generous with compliments, and I think they want us back next year.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ken, the guitarist, is already talking about doing another Jammin' Java concert. What to benefit this time?

Anyone know anyone who will listen to some of my songs on cd and give me a contract? I could use one.


Jim Hagan said...

Ken's craving that white hot spot light!! Great job! It was fun and different.

Emily said...

Curious... what was the NZ "anthem" you did? (Did you know we lived there for 7+ years in the 60s?)

Wish I coulda been there to hear/see ya! I'll get to work on that contract thing.


R said...

Yeah, I did know you lived in NZ for that amount of time. I thought about Laura a lot because of it. The song is called "Now is the Hour". It was a big hit by Bing Crosby but I think a favorite of the Kiwi's before that.

I am holding you to the contract idea. Ha ha. Keep your eyes peeled. Still in England, eh?

Jim---You are right, it was fun and different. I rather enjoyed it. The lights give me a headache but they can be endured for a bit if I get to sing.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I don't know that tune. I'll have to look it up. I was thinking maybe you were going to say "Pokarekare Ana". Go to www.hayleywestenra.com to give a listen.

So yah, I'll work on the contract if you promise to let me do some BGVs.

Emily, still in a different time zone

Emily S said...

Hey Rachel, this is completely off-topic but I was wondering what church you guys are attending now.

Email me if you like
ejsmithnc at btinternet dot com

I don't have your email address.

Emily in Exeter for now