Friends and Nick Nolte

My daughter found a friend next door. She is called "Kiwi" by her family. She is a sweet, calm little girl. She is over right now because her mom is so sick with a sinus infection that she is fatigued enough to allow the Code Yellow Lady to watch over her daughter. Some people just have no idea! Ha ha.

I just never realized that my daughter was so ridiculously bossy. I have never seen her play any role except the role of the "follower" but I am amazed at this new bossy nature. She is not mean, she just has this independence and makes the decisions if she sees that they are not going to get made. I guess she gets tired of the fact that her mom has decision phobia.

Apparently Kiwi thinks that my daughter is the cat's meow though. When she knew that my daughter had begged at the door for her, her mother noted that Kiwi got dressed faster than she has ever seen her get dressed. The sad thing is that Kiwi has had no friends for a long time (all four of her years?) and she would just play with imaginary friends outside. That sounds like my daughter.

Now they have found each other.

I ran on my new treadmill last night. It about killed me. I was somewhat dehydrated, fatigued already, and I hadn't ran in over a week. I pushed myself to run a number of miles and then I couldn't keep up anymore.

Have you ever seen the pictures of Nick Nolte when he got arrested for drug possession or something of that nature? Whenever Dear Sir and I see someone with hair sticking straight out like a maniac (like one of our kids) we say, "Hey, you look like Nick Nolte!"

Dear Sir did it. He called me Nick Nolte.

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