Moved II

Ok. I have been feeling really guilty lately. I realized last night that I feel bad for having such a nice house! I mean, it is not a mansion, but it is totally what I would have wanted in a house. If any of you know me at all, you must know that I do not like big houses; I am a pretty simple person. I have always said that my dream house would be a small, low-ceiling English cottage with a stone floor. This house is not that, but very satisfactory, I must say. God has truly blessed us. I have a reminder to thank Him every day that I have been showered with such blessing (not that I did not before---but it is always good to have reminders because of our tendency to forget---at least my tendency!).

I feel bad for my kids a little too. I have been on the phone with utilities, constantly in need of their quiet, and busy, busy, busy. I realized yesterday when I was gone from home that I had not hugged one of them all day! I had hoped and hoped on my way home that I would not crash and die and they would have no memory of me loving them. I know, I am morbid.

I don't think my youngest son has had a bath in about over a week. He still smells ok though. I guess I need to get that done today. I am going to take them to the pool today.

The guy came over yesterday to hook up the broadband, so we are back in email mode again. The pc was down with no internet before, so that is why I have not written in a little bit. The guy that hooked us up acted like a doctor. You know how they act---they will not commit to any definite thing, they sort of say, "yeah, yeah," and flutter on the surface of a conversation rather than directly in it. I know I must sound insane. For a split second I was going to tell him to look into the medical field and then I realized that he would think I was nuts. He looked like an overweight Paul McCartney, it was weird. He would say he wanted a cable hook up and I would say, "Uh, I think on is over here."
"Yes, there sure is!"

"Well, I can pull this bookshelf out so you can get to it."

"Sure, while you are busy doing that I will go ahead and get things going outside," he sort of mumbled this like he was about to look at an X-ray or something.

He came inside to tell me everything was "as it should be" and then he started sentences off with, "What typically happens," and said "yes, yes" and "sure" in between stuff. He gave the kind of answers that did not really help. He is sort of with you and sort of not. Like a doctor. When he left you wondered what he really wanted you to do and left you a bit puzzled. You also felt like you paid him for nothing---like he didn't tell you anything you didn't already know.

I did what the guy told me to do---called the cable place to get offcially hooked up. The cable place said to me, "You mean he didn't get you going enough to get on the internet?!"

It reminded me of when the doctor would give me a prescription but no refills.

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