"Acidophilus---I believe in it."

There you have a quote from Dear Sir. I say this whole thing because last night my youngest son (he is seven) came into our room and said, "I think I have to barf!" It was 2 a.m. I got up and took him into our bathroom and he proceeded to hug the toilet, whimpering and the like. I had never seen him suffer so much with throwing up. He usually is a real trooper about it. He is the one who could puke in a thimble. I left him for a bit, got the sleeping bag, pillow, barf bucket, acidophilus, pepto, bottle of water, and a cup. By the time I got to him again he had not puked yet. I gave him a pill and then he threw that up. He threw up a lot of yucky stuff. Ok, let's not talk about that.

Once he was finished I gave him another acidophilus pill and a pepto pill. He then slept soundly in the sleeping bag at the foot of the bed. It took me forever to fall back asleep again. I prayed that God would work a miracle and prevent anyone from getting sick and also to heal my poor little boy.

He did not wake up again until morning! Of course, the rest is history and God's miracle in a pill worked again. Dear Sir asked me in an email today if the boy has been eating erasers again. For some reason he thinks that that would make him puke. Ok, maybe he knows more than me, but I just don't think that is possible. This is a constant argument with us--this subject--much like stressing the need to stretch before and after a run.

I don't know. I just give him the pill and it works. You should try it. Let me know how it goes.

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