No one reads. No one writes.

All of you, if you are out there---I am tired of looking at your blogs with the same old entries on top.

And I shout this from the rooftops of blogdom.

I've had it.


Emily said...

Ya know Rachel I have been long-tempted to start my own blog but haven't yet... and it's cause I am afraid it might CONSUME me and all I would ever do was think about the next blog entry. That my life would become blog-fodder.

So now seems like a good time to ask -- does that happen?

I totally agree with you though. Why have a blog if you ain't gonna blog? I really enjoy yours and love that I can pretty much count on an entertaining entry at least every other day or so.


R said...

It is only because I get bored with the same stuff over and over. I enjoy reading about my friends, but they do not blog as much as I do. I get an itch to write once a day or so, and so I use this as a means.

At first I used to sit and think about what great entry I could write, but now I could care less. If I have a great one, I do. If I don't, I don't. I like to write period just to do it. If it is good writing or bad writing it is writing. It gives me a great break in the middle of chaos---at the moment I am between dinner and packing. Good combo.

A housewife can not feel so isolated from the outside world with an Imac and wireless internet on the desk are a few yards away....

You would have a wonderful blog. And, like me, you would get used to it and then you would not think about entries so much anymore!

Thank you for reading so faithfully! Now you must know that I am a freak!

Emily said...

Naaahhh... you're not a freak.

Well at least if you are one then I am one too! :-)


Jeannie said...

I just blogged!!! It is a prelude to my weekend with el novio going to hang with his fam in Massachusetts.

Rachel, I'm sorry. I'll try to blog more. I'm feeling like a failure.

R said...

I started a guilt trip, didn't I?

Slap me!

That is not what I intended at all. I was just having fun with the fact that everyone has a blog and hardly blogs.

Ha ha.
I do love hummus, by the way.