Phillips or Dulcolax?

My daughter (who is almost five) has to take Milk of Magnesia (4tsp) every night. She hates it. It really does not matter what flavor it is, she hates them all. She is so used to taking it that she just chugs it down like a cowboy would chug a shot of whiskey. Dear Sir feels bad for her, but in a way, I don't. She is the one who retains her excrement so it is pretty much her fault. We wouldn't have to have her take the stuff to soften her up if she would just get used to the fact that sometimes it doesn't feel too great coming out. That's life. Besides, it's doctor's orders.

So we are at the store a little bit ago, trying to choose which milk of magnesia flavor to buy. I say, "Hey, E---, which flavor: cherry, or mint?"
She looks at them and says, "None."

So we chose mint.

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