Mayhem II

There is not much to report, really. I have been a frantic, short-fused mess lately. We have been schooling so we won't be bored, you know? I ironed yesterday, for crying out loud. Why are we so bored? I packed everything. Yep, I did, just about.

We have been trying to empty out the fridge, like I have said before, and so the kids are eating a mixture of cereal and pop tarts for breakfast (oh great, sugar high. I forgot about that) and I am eating oatmeal because I don't want them to cry and cry all morning because I gave THEM "horrid" oatmeal. That is changing when I have more patience and things are a little settled. I know you laugh.

I have pretty much no patience these days. I feel bad. I keep praying that the Spirit will just take over my body and my brain, but I see more and more that I have to make some sort of effort. It is just plain sad. I woke up this morning to snapping again--a snap here, a snap there and I didn't even address it. That is some progress, eh? No, usually I just tune the stuff out and if they are in my FACE, I don't take it. Ok, I am analyzing things way too much right now. All I really see when I open my eyes is cardboard and packing tape. Black permanent marker. "Kitchen Items" "J's Books" "National Geographics" "Glasses" "Kids books"


It looks like all we do is drink, eat and read.

You know, I was talking to a friend runner and he told me that he runs as well (as he is tempted) to pay a sort of penance--to bring his body in submission. I torture myself with it. I love it. The sad thing is that I should run double the time that I do to pay for the amount of patience I lose! Ha ha. I know I am turning Scarlet Letter on you, but I do feel bad.

Yesterday my daughter approached me while I was on the phone talking to the real estate agent. She was covered in orange marker and she said, "Mom, look at me!"

That is how bored they are. Did I mention that if I suggest taking a walk my oldest is back to that old trick of saying that he is too frightened of the bugs to go out. It is getting too ridiculous if I make him. On Monday I just made him stay home while I took the little ones out. I am too physically fit, so I push the kids to walk two miles in order to get to the park, and they are weary and whinning and wimpering, dying for water by the time we get there and I realize that the whole thing is not worth it. "My legs!" "I am going to faint" "I need a drink so bad!"

Thankfully I brought water, eh?

Dear Sir approached me at the dinner table last night and said, "You don't tell me certain things about your day ever. The kids told me the other night when you were out that when you get mad you swerve the car."

"Uh. No, I don't."

"Yeah, that is what they said. You're crazy."

"Well, actually, when I have had enough from them, I slam on the breaks to get their attention."

"That's not good, Rach."

"Works for me."

Yeah, it is perfectly healthy for a mother to slam on the breaks to get her kids' attention. "Do you want to crash and die?" I say. They shake their heads no. They are really quiet and they stop screaming at each other then.

Yesterday afternoon an agent came with some guys that looked like they just came shipped straight off the Microsoft boat to look at the house. I know, I thought I was done with this. The last people that were to contract pulled out. Whatever. So, here I am at every agent's disposal again for the weekend. I was supposed to be out by the time they came, but of course I was not. We were on our way to the library and we were looking for the optical illusions book. My oldest was yelling through the house in a weird way saying that he couldn't find his shoes. It sounded insane. These people were looking through the house at the time.

"I'm sorry it sounds like an asylum in here," I say.

"Oh, that's ok. We like the house. Lots of space."

"What, you have one MORE kid?" the overweight agent woman asks me. She looks around like they are corraling her.

"Oh yeah. I have three. You get REAL thin after awhile," I said. Ouch. I forgot she was overweight.

"Well, maybe I should have a kid!" she said.

Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Blew that one.

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