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My two sons have been writing stories lately about Neopets. I thought I would share with you part of my oldest son's story. I thought it was a riot. Of course, I will edit it some as I go so that all the spelling mistakes will not show:

'A Triple Helping of Clues

Chapter One

Gee had called me again. Just me, Meewa. When I went inside, he came over and said, "A Neopian is robbing so much banks, he's just too famous to be ignored!" When I walked out for the case, I saw two eyes peeking at me and then they disappeared. I ran after him. He gave me the slip and ran off but I found a clue: a torn cloth, a letter, and a hair. First, I looked at the envelope. It ran:


Get to the base immediately. The base is not the ordinary base. This base is at Nooble Mark Restaurant.



Before I read the note, the letter was open. He must have read it---or was it a trap? I went to business. I looked at the cloth. Maybe if I saw the cloth I could find out if it was him. Finally I looked at the hair. A kacheek one. No help, but I know what Neopet it was!

Now! For the Restaurant! '

I like especially how Meewa "got the slip" and I love how when he found the note "it ran:"
It is especially funny that an unknown person who wrote the note ended his note with "Love". When he was reading it to me last night with great animation, he had me laughing. For some reason my son thinks that if I put it on here he will be famous.

Did I ever tell you guys that he loves to read Sherlock Holmes? He is finishing off Doyle's Complete Works right now. It shows!

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