Packing, Chris Farley and David Spade

While the Master was at the Catholic Church yesterday with my oldest son on a sort of "field trip" (since it was a Latin Mass), I was home packing. I decided that I would make a real dent in it. When he got home, I decided that I needed a little break from packing to go and run for a bit. I ran six miles and then came home and packed some more. In between somewhere Dear Sir told me to shower because I smelled ripe. I packed until the kids bed time and boy, do I feel it today. I was lifting extremely heavy boxes to the downstairs over and over, praying that I would not fall. I am a little clumsy at times. We have tons of books. It is crazy. I was so tired when I layed down my head, I just mumbled something to Dear Sir. I remember still being awake when he started snoring. It never fails. I am never tired enough to fall asleep first.

The kids are at the moment hoping that I forgot about school so they can continue to play with their light sabers. The coolest thing this morning was when my oldest was waltzing around with the thing and thinking he was all fancy and cool and then he wacked his own head with it. "Ow!" he yelled.

I really think sometimes he is Chris Farley reincarnated. Usually when he hits himself or trips and falls he says (talking to himself), "You're so stupid! Quit! What a fool!" ---Then he shakes it off and acts like he is cool again. For some reason it reminds me of all those Farley/Spade movies.

I better check out and go teach my children. Thankfully I don't have to use my arms.

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