To Marry

I love this. Last night my oldest was watching "Gods and Generals" with us. I think there was some point where Stonewall Jackson has a baby and of course, he thinks his wife is the only woman on earth.

My oldest says, "Dad, should I marry? I don't know if I want to. Does everyone do it?"

My husband says, "No, not everyone marries, but most people would like to."

"I don't mind getting married I guess," then he says wincingly," just as long as my husband---I mean, my wife, when she borns a child---I really don't want to be in there---cause you know...I could keep the medical manual, you know, and it will be sort of an heirloom---it may help, but I don't want to be in there."

My oldest son said one time that the only use for his marrying would be to have someone cook for him---then he came up with the grand idea that his sister could live with him and his brother and she would do all the dirty work. I don't think she was too excited about that.

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