The Evil of Mispronunciation

My oldest always pronounces words wrong. Lots of times when he is reading a particular word out loud he just pronounces the beginning sound and slurs all the other letters together until he gets to the end sound. It is like he ignores the whole middle of the word.

He looked at a Nestle product. He said, "NESS-TULL." (I can almost understand that)

He is studying Rome. "Merk Anondy," he would say (Marc Antony).

He would pronounce "oasis" as "o-ASS-iss."

He does all this so much and it is so common that I just can't even think about it, I am so used to it. Finally, in the car the other day, my youngest son (who is seven) confessed to me that he could not stand it anymore.

"Mom," he said, "I am getting all messed up because T-- keeps saying words wrong. Like when he says 'LAY-TIN' instead of 'Latin', he makes me think of Satan!"

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