Reminder Notes

My oldest is having the hardest time remembering to look at his new schedule that Mr. Wilhelm has so kindly posted on the refrigerator. It gets him in trouble too. We have all been at our wit's end about it too because it effects us all once the man of the house comes through the door. It is one of the first questions he asks: "Did you follow your schedule?"

The answer is usually "no." I think the kid is forgetful like his mother. We need lists and notes and things of that nature to remind us of what to do next. The last I heard was if he did not look at his important schedule he would have his gameboy taken away and he would lose Saturday morning cartoons.

So, I was helping my youngest son (who shares a room with this forgetful brother) get dressed and as I was exiting the room I noticed a note duct taped to the door saying this: "T--! (his name) Remember to look at your schedule and do it or you are doomed to lose gameboy and Saturday morning cartoons!"

I think he read it this morning. He is chipper, he has done all that is required, and the day I thought was going to be bad may be ok after all!

I like how he wrote "doomed". He is so ridiculous, I love it.

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