I realize it has been a handful of days since I have posted. I had this huge night on Tuesday singing at Jammin' Java (with the Einsteins) and then the next day I woke up with a cold. Figures, huh?

Yesterday the family and I went to the Capitol building and our friend who works for Senator DeMint toured us around. It was nice. We ran into John McCain, Elizabeth Dole, and our own Senator here in Virginia. It was sort of strange seeing all these people in person.

Wilhelm and I are both breathing really hard (nasal passages are blocked) and my children are living on frozen pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and tonight they had Mc Donald's. I know, we are horrible. Lately they are obsessed with yelling at the top of their lungs downstairs and running around. They come up to the second floor out of breath, red and thirsty. I still don't understand what it is they are doing. Something having to do with Neopets, but I still don't make the connection.

My youngest boy is the quiet one. He always has been. When we are at church and people talk to him he says he "gets nervous". He came to me crying once telling me that he is not sure he will be able to have the band Helmet Breakers (my oldest's band is called The Speed Tickets) because he will get too nervous on stage. Before I left for the concert on Tuesday he yelled to me, "Sing good Mommy, and don't get too nervous!" Next time we are taking them with us, I think they would enjoy it.

Well, I better go and blow my nose. I feel a sneeze coming.

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