Barf-0-Rama II

This morning my youngest boy woke up sick. Stomach virus, I think. I ran downstairs and got him an acidophilus pill to take and a little cup of water and he sat and stewed for a bit and threw up the water. I am not sure if he threw up the pill. About 30 minutes later I was convinced that he had thrown up the acidophilus pill so I gave him another. Down the hatch. He drank very little water this time. Whew.
About twenty minutes after that he threw up again. I sat there with him as he hovered over the bucket. I rubbed his back. Then he says, "Oh! two little pieces of corn!" and threw up a bit more. I looked in the bucket. Yeah, it did look like two little pieces of corn. Nice. I wondered how he threw two pieces of corn up. We haven't had corn for weeks. I said, "We haven't had corn recently, it must be something else."

"Can you throw up erasers?" He said sadly.

I figured out (too early in the morning I suppose) that it was the acidophilus pill half dissolved. The things are yellow. Duh.

It is still technically morning and he is so much better that it is scaring me. He is so ravenously hungry that he is begging for oatmeal. I am making him wait for a bit. I bought clear gatorade and everything so that clean up will be easy. So far so good. That kid could puke in a thimble. It's that Scandinavian blood in him. Those people are so clean!


Liz said...

Oh my gosh, Jeannie and I both had a stomach virus yesterday! I wonder if it's going around...

Through This Great Wilderness said...

Rachel! I have a blog now! You inspired me and I bet you didn't even know that I read your blog.

I miss you!

Laura Ardrey

ps. You can find my blog at: throughthisgreatwilderness.blogspot.com

Mindi said...

Scandinavians can puke in a thimble!
That would make a great theme party, even better than rat races.
But what would we do for invitations? No matter. They will come in droves to see this.