Wonder Woman Broken

I about cried the other day. I let my daughter have her decaf chai tea in my WonderWoman mug. Without thinking, I moved the desk that it was setting on (empty) to put it in its original place, and down the mug came crashing. The cup itself was fine, but the handle was obliterated. I tried to super glue it, but pretty soon the endeavor was looking silly because I had super glue all over my hands, I was sticking to things, the handle was falling apart, so I just ended up tossing the whole of it in the trash. This really upset me. I mean, I was literally grasping at what I had to do next. I looked on the internet for a replacement, but apparently my mug was really rare and there is none. I searched ebay for an hour, burned the pizza for dinner that night by ignoring the beeping of the timer, and had myself a glass of wine.

When my favorite cat died I had a glass of wine too.

Seriously, have a moment of silence for my Wonder Woman mug. I will always think back on it fondly, relish all my memories with it, and think back to my childhood when I would wear the underoos to school under my regular clothes. I can still hear the "ooh's and aah's" of the other girls when I would climb on the monkey bars and they would get a sneak peek entirely on accident.

It was seriously such a cool thing to do such an adult thing (like drink a cup of coffee) with something that shot me back so keenly to my childhood.

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