Wonder Woman Healed

Ok. Like things could not get better, I got a replacement for my Wonder Woman mug just now in the mail. When I was frantically looking for a replacement I ordered one that I "thought" was just "close" to the original. On my original mug there were two pictures. On one side, Wonderwoman in running formation and on the other side, a really cool picture of Wonder Woman from the middle up. I only found what I thought was her in the running formation (my least favorite side) so I was hoping that maybe they just weren't showing the other side (although another side was not specified). I stupidly (or wisely) prayed that it would be the same mug.

IT IS!!!

God even answers our silly prayers---I tend to think because it takes me back to my "Surprised By Joy" moment, like Lewis would say.

Now a bomb is going to hit for sure.

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