I am really irritable today. I have been noticing it so that means it is bad. I had to take the kids to a million places and when we were at a store I pretty much ran over my daughter with the shopping cart when I was in line and I was about to give her the what for until this nice lady behind me laughed when I looked at my girl and so I said, "umm, are you ok?" My girl walked off like it was nothing.

Yesterday I was irritable too. I think THAT was because I woke up entirely on the wrong foot. Children yelling at me at 6:45 a.m. from downstairs. I was about to spontaneously combust. I am not a morning person. School has been challenging. I receive a whine every time I correct any incorrect work, a huff anytime I say, "pull out the book!" and so on. Pulling teeth. I always say that. But it is true.

I am complaining though. Life is good, things are going well, and I just need to change my attitude. I notice too that when I am hungry no one wants to be around me. I snap. My husband says, "Are you hungry or something? You have to be." He is usually right. I hate how I hate to have a good attitude when I don't want to.

I have had a lot of grief lately. You know, the usual. The Wonder Woman mug pretty much sad and lonely somewhere in a gross trash heap----the monstrous red zit on my face (it is finally clearing up a little) that a dear friend has told me to name "Darlene"---and last but not least, the HUGE bruise on my arm from over a week ago when I fell down the stairs. Yes, I fell. Down, down, down and did not break my arm. I almost cried. I tried so hard not to. My oldest saw me walking down and then saw me at the foot . "Oh, wow! Are you ok, Mom?"


"Here, let me get you some ice..." pitter patter of nine year old feet, a drawer opens, the freezer opens.
"Sit down here and put this on....oh, I can do school on the floor while you sit on the couch, don't worry..."

What a good kid. And to think I almost wrung his neck today.

So the bruise turned a myriad of colors, and is now on the mend. A friend in the medical field told me that I was truly lucky I did not break it. Wilhelm told me that I will most likely be one of those old ladies who breaks her hip. Probably. And I'll be irritable too, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

no, you will NOT be old and irritable. I think that is the worst. I will start a campaign against becoming the norm--old and irritable--and you will join me, please?

R said...

Not sure. I rather like being irritable.

I am just joking. It is the worst to be old and irritable. I do think that a lot of that irritability is contributed by not feeling good. You break down easily. So, when I have the broken hip I will have an excuse. Ok, ok, I will take pills. Ok, ok, I will try to have a good attitude. Fine then.