Snapping Fool

I was just reminded of a silly goings-on at my house. You know how my oldest son has Asperger's. He has some funny things he does. The funniest thing lately is his snapping. He snaps all the time. He will stand with one hand on his hip, foot splayed out and the other hand waving around snapping while asking something simple like, "What's for dinner, Mom?"

"Why are you snapping?"

"I like it."

"Can you stop? It is not a normal thing to snap all the time."

"I just love snapping. I can't resist it."

Wilhelm asks him something like this every time he sees his snapping: "Do you see me snapping all the time for no reason?"

"Why, no, Dad."

"Why do you snap so much for nothing?"

"I just love snapping. I am good at it."

And he is. He is even more "snappy" lately because he has discovered that he can snap with both hands.

I remember my younger brother used to get this surge of energy, run in front of the TV that was constantly on, grit his teeth, and clap his hands has hard as he could over and over until we yelled at him to "move it". Now that I think on that it strikes me as odd. My mom used to say that he was in dire need to be the center of attention. Maybe he was jealous of the television, I have no idea. It just sort of sounds like the snapping deal. Oh well, one may never know.

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