Last week when my oldest was sick he came to Wilhelm and I and sat down on our bed. He said: "Mom, Dad, I need medicine. I need medicine to treat my symptoms and I would further need medicine to treat the root of the virus that is causing these symptoms."

He makes things even more hilarious by calling a "cold" the "common cold".

I was reading a study of an Asperger's kid that talks like a professor. I was reading it to Wilhelm thinking that it was absolutely hilarious. He would say stuff like, "I am autistic, which, of course, is the adjective form of the word Autism." I pictured this kid talking all dignified and perfect. This kid in the study starts sentences with "I believe" and "Actually" in a consistent manner. Wilhelm pointed out that our own kid does the same sort of things. We just don't realize it ourselves. I am sure if a doctor sat and analyzed everything that our kid did and said it would appear weird and rather funny on paper.

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