We are going to go see Eisley tonight in DC. They are really awesome. When we first saw them they opened up for Coldplay for their Rush of Blood to the Head tour. I immediately knew Wilhelm would like them since he has a past love for Lush, and the vocals are fairy-like and ethereal. The guitars are jangly and the keys are almost a female light version of the Doors. I love them. You all should give them a try.

They are also Christians, but not really a Christian band. Their lyrics are silly and poetic, not really lyrics pertaining to God, but I would say very artsy. I think I have never heard so many catchy songs on one album before as their debut called Room Noises. All of their EPs are fantastic. God has blessed them with melodies and harmonies only sisters (with extreme musical talent) can pull off.

Their mother is the worship leader for the Vineyard Church in Tyler, Texas. Their siblings (many of them are in the band) and parents tour with them and show a great level of support. I think that is so cool. When we saw them in Idaho they signed a bag for my youngest since my daughter just LOVES them. So, as you all could imagine, she is jealous.

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