I really know nothing of this and I am sure theologians would laugh at me, but I was thinking about Protestantism and and how I was raised with the Charismatic Evangelical sort of background and how there is really no foundational structure to it. We used to look down on Catholics and how they are "superstitious" and "ritualistic". It just seems to me, looking back, that we hated form, organization and frankly, a particular order of worship. We found it confining and pretty much would never dream of subjecting ourselves to something that was not "Spirit led". To me, the Catholics have a historical meaning and many reasons for doing what they do. The holy water reminds them of their baptism as a baby---Lent and "giving something up" is in honor of Our Lord who went without food for forty days and resisted temptation. It probably means more than that, but of course, like I said, I don't know too much. The Catholics have reasons for feasts, Holy Days, the Ash on their foreheads, you know what I mean. I suppose Protestants have their own reasons for things, but to me they seem shallow. I am not going to convert to Catholicism or anything, but I see more and more how shallow and new Protestantism is. We are a church full of divided individuals with no unity, differing opinions and no structure hardly. It just seems pathetic to me when infant baptism is replaced with "dedication" and the Lord's Supper (which is to be taken "often") is only taken once a quarter or less. Grape juice when it says wine. Crackers when it was bread.

I think about Luther and perhaps his stand was rebellion---maybe judgment on the Catholic Church. I could see either way. Luther takes his stand and where is Protestantism? Everyone breaks away from everyone. There is no order---everyone multiplies and divides and forms their own thing. I don't think that is that great. I get tired of a million different kind of churches everywhere.

At least before Luther you had one choice.

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