Wilhelm For President

The medical manual was pulled out and looked at again by my oldest. The nine year old (almost ten). He came to me and asked me if King Solomon battled depression because in Ecclesiastes he says that "life is meaningless". My oldest claimed that people who say such things must be depressed because it says so in the medical manual. I told him that King Solomon was wise and with much knowledge comes grief.

He later also asked me if I ever had Schizophrenia---you know, hear voices and stuff. I think he thinks that I am crazy.

He told me yesterday that I am probably not the best mom in the world, but I am the best to him! I was so relieved to know that he will not be disappointed in me when he is old. At least he does not have the skewed idea that I am perfect or something. I definitely display my sinfulness to him on a daily basis and he knows it!

My youngest (the girl) asked me today what I was going to do when I growed up to be like Daddy. I about spit out my coffee laughing and kissed her and told her that I am grown up and I love to be a mommy. Mr. Wilhelm interferred as well and said that "mommy has the greatest job of all". My daughter said, "Well, when mommy gets older she can be a library girl and I want to be one too! And I want to be a mommy too!"

I absolutely love the honesty in children. I used to hate children. Babysitting was not the most fun thing for me to do. I realize how selfish I was in my heart. I remember acting like I loved children on the outside and then really disliking them on the inside. I had no patience. I tried, but I didn't really like them. I don't get it either because people would flock to have me as their reliable sitter. I hated how honest children were. I remember one time a kid I was sitting told me that I was not nearly as pretty as his old sitter. I was so mad! How vain could I be?

So, I have grown to love the blunt honesty in kids. It is something that adults do not do, and probably should not do (to a certain extent). It is acceptable for kids to do it because of a certain innocence they have. I think that if we get offended by them, we are being children ourselves!

I was up late last night trying to "jump" our immobile VW with my husband. He is not very mechanical and I am a little more than he is, but I wanted nothing to do with it. Usually I am the type that will try my best to take over and do something, but I envisioned something blowing up in my face because I had no clue what was the engine, a spark plug, an engine block, (what the heck?) or anything. The car just would not start yesterday morning. We thought perhaps a battery issue, but it probably isn't since it would not work last night (with jumping the thing). So Wilhelm stayed home for the morning to get the car stuff figured out, a tow, a trip to the shop, etc. He let me sleep in. I woke up seeing my youngest daughter on the edge of my bed smiling. Later my husband comes to me and says, "I wanted her to come in the bed and snuggle up with you but she wouldn't do it." I come downstairs all crabby like I usually am and see that school has already started without me, everyone is chipper, etc. My husband is amazing. Because he got us off to such a good start school ended at 11:30. The kids were begging him to stay home but he had to go to work---meetings, meetings and all that writing he does. When I grow up I want to be just like him.


Jeannie said...

You're the greatest--

m. said...

I'm so glad to hear that you weren't super fond of kids before you had them. That gives me hope!