I take comfort in the fact that God can see me. I know that I can not see Him, so if I know that He can see me I feel loved somehow. I remember a few times in my life when I have cried out to Him to look on me, to take pity on me and give me a "let up" from some present pain. What I was asking for was a miracle.

I feel that my own wicked self---my sinful heart---gets in the way of so many things. ---So many sanctifying times I pass by because of my wicked heart. The fact that I can swim to the surface of all the blackness and the Spirit can triumph is beyond me. It is not me. It is literally like trying to swim to the surface of quicksand. Thick, heavy mud.

So naturally, it must comfort me that God can see my struggle. That Jesus is in prayer for me at His right hand, that the Spirit is moving through me to cause the light to shine where blackness has been.

Truth is so paramount. God is truth. Jesus is truth. The Bible speaks of truth and lies so much. It is a real struggle that is in this world that we normally don't think of all the time. There is truth and there is not truth. I know the truth will come out, so I don't bother lying. I know that truth is the only thing God accepts.

The truth is, God can see me. The truth is, God is in me. The truth is, Jesus saved me from hell.

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