Pink Pet Delight

Yesterday when I was teaching my youngest son I noticed that he was chewing on his eraser. As he would interact with me he would have a bit of eraser in his mouth and then it would never be seen again. I have noticed that he does this, but all I would say is, "Stop biting on your eraser!" He would stop for awhile and then the next day it is the same thing again or maybe just the next minute.
Finally I had an idea. I looked at him in a different sort of way so that he really noticed the change in my demeanor and said, "I have a surprise for you. Wait just a minute!" I proceeded to grab a piece of computer paper and a marker and my son said, "O boy, you are going to draw something for me..."
"No...you will see..."
I wrote "L--- eats erasers" on the paper nice and large, in a neon color. I held it out. My son raised his eyebrows and smiled with the dimples. He laughed. Then he couldn't stand it. He tried to get the paper from me, giggling. My oldest looked at what I wrote and laughed saying, "yeah, I guess he does eat erasers! Gross!"
My youngest son said, "I don't eat erasers!"

"What?" I said. "You take bites and swallow them! You do it to every eraser you have!"

"Ok, so I eat erasers!" He finally said.

I took the paper and hung it up on the frige, smiling.

Later in the afternoon I noticed that the paper was gone. I asked my youngest son where it went. "In the trash, mom. I don't want people knowing I eat erasers!"

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Gatsby said...

If that's the worst thing he eats then you are probably lucky.
I wonder how the digestive system handles that mess.