Interruption Note

School started a little tiny bit late this morning. A dear friend called and the children were doing fine on their own. I took about twenty minutes to talk to my friend and during that my youngest son (the second one) decides to be a booger. He starts antagonizing his sister and older brother. Finally my oldest son,T--, brings me this note in attempts to not interrupt while I am on the phone:

"Dear Mom,

Please understand that I am trying to tell those kids named L--- and E--- something. I am telling them that I should be respected but not as much as you should be. And when I say something bad, then they should not do it, but they are not listening and they are making fun of me. Please tell them about it. They will listen to you, though you should talk to Dad about this.



p.s. They are NOT doing school."

I thought this was kind of funny. He tries so hard to be good. I suppose with my forgetfulness and all the help I need to just function sometimes he feels a responsibility. What a cool kid I have.

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