Heart Shaped Box

I hate Valentine's Day. I think everyone does if they want to admit it. Every guy has to hate it. It is the holiday where the guy *has* to get his girl something. A box of chocolates, a dozen roses. Hey, maybe even two dozen. You gotta get the card too. It is attractive because red, white and pink look kind of nice together. Every one I am sure has a Valentine's whine story. I probably have plenty. I hate the forced romance, the kids getting cards for other kids, and the eventual heartbreak of it all. I don't know how to fix my hatred of this holiday. I don't even know if it is a holiday. Mr. Wilhelm and I would go out every year for it and I really don't know why. Everyone else is out too and everyone else knows you are out just like they are for Valentine's Day. Big whoop.

This sounds crazy (and it really is) but a good while ago I worked with this Mexican girl who was really close to her family. She spoke fluent English (her parents would not allow them to speak Spanish at home) and she was just over all a cool person. She told me one day at work how her family had a "family meeting" and they were planning on boycotting Taco Bell because of their "Run for the Border" slogan. (This was of course, the reason why she would not go to Taco Bell with me to lunch that day) She said that Taco Bell insulted her heritage. In this same vein, Valentine's Day insults mine. It assumes that I am not romantic any other day and it is" high time I am romantic on February 14". It tells every woman that she deserves something on that day and if she does not get it she has been cheated. I am stupid because I actually did buy things for my husband on Valentine's Day. I know, I am a hypocrite. But (hopefully) it stops this year. I would like to turn a new leaf and boycott Valentine's Day.

Let's not forget that I was always the ugly girl in elementary school and I didn't get Valentines from boys like the other girls. Maybe I have some past issues!

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