Snowy Time

Lots of snow out there this weekend. The kids went out with Mr. Wilhelm as he shoveled the driveway. They went nuts playing and making forts. My oldest is convinced that all days that have snow will be as entertaining as a Calvin and Hobbes. It is funny. He actually thinks that he would have the ability to create a graveyard of snowmen or something. He declared war on all of us and then when he finally had to retreat he yelled, "Retreat!" (holding that same banner I mentioned in another post) and ran to the woods. By himself. The funny thing is that he is always yelling some threat like, "I will beat you yet!" And he utterly fails.

Everytime there is a lot of snow I am further impressed with the easy manner Mr. Wilhelm shovels it. He does it in some graceful way that looks more like a dance than manual labor. I know that sounds weird, but he is from Minnesota so he had to somehow get good at it. It is fun just watching him. The snow always lands in the proper place too. I kept bugging him to let me do it because he made it look so fun and easy. Let's just say my back hurts and his doesn't. I am just some chick from California who doesn't know what to do with snow.

So now I am contemplating a snow day for the kids. They are already in my face about it.

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