C'est la papier

I just finished a little light reading that I found amusing, French Women Don't Get Fat. I'd link you to Amazon, but for some reason since we got this ridiculous Mac I can't understand how to work anything. I thought it was fun to read because I like to see what foreigners' view of Americans are. I have always heard that French don't like Americans, maybe they don't. I am not sure, I don't want to be rude and say that they all hate us. Every one knows that Evian backwards spells "naive". That is my favorite water. Nothing else tastes like it. Maybe it is not really from the French Alps but French tap water mixed with bleach. It tastes good though. I took almost three years of French but can't speak a word of it. I know fenetre (if I spelled it right or even have it right) means window and fenestra in Latin means window. Wow. Cool. I don't know anything. My heading is probably wrong. That is the whole point!

I think that the lady that wrote the book has a funny view of Americans though. She is married to an American and lives in America so it must not be that bad--she must like us some. She goes on in the book about how we always "hit the gym" and avoid the stairs whenever possible and always take the elevator. She talks about how we never walk places. How we eat standing up (I am always doing that and it drives Mr. Wilhelm crazy) and eat in the car (Mr. Wilhelm always does this and it drives me crazy). She talks about how we overdo exercise and lots of times we do it too much and therefore get a huge appetite and think that we can just eat because we burned so many calories. Everything with moderation and everything with the deepest enjoyment would be the motto here. It is sort of hard to take on a French way of life when you live in America. We don't have open-air markets that one can go to every day after work, and one can not walk to work all the time when the roads are all dedicated to cars because we love cars here.

If you want to enjoy food the way God intended, I think this book helps you do that. It is much better to sit down and really enjoy the food you are eating instead of standing up and scarfing it down so fast in attempts to pretend that you didn't just consume 500 calories!


Jeannie said...

well, Laura and I just ate a big bowl of chocolate bread pudding that she made with big scoops of vanilla ice cream...the French would be proud, don't you think?

R said...

that sounds blissful. The French would be proud, although they only eat a "few bites" here and there, apparently. I could run an extra few miles to eat a nice heap of bread pudding and icecream! Forget that!