Mad Fit

Yesterday I walked the kids about half a mile to the government school park. They brought all their sticks and cardboard shields and a battle banner (a very long stick with a paper flag hanging from it) and marched down there. It was cold, a bit windy, and when we got there a plethora of kids were playing. There was about 20 minutes or so of playing and then my oldest "somehow" hurt his foot. At first he said it was his knee, and then it turned into his foot. He could not even tell me how he hurt it. He did not hit it, he did not twist it, he just jumped up and bam, that is when it started to hurt. On disembarkation from the slide/platform, he would yelp out in pain and then say that he could not walk. I somehow got him to hop over to the bench where I had put all of our stuff, so he sat there while I checked out his injuries. No swelling, nothing. He was crying on the bench telling me that he would "never be able to walk again" and "playing just isn't (his) thing" and how he has "ruined (his) foot for life". He further said, "I am NOT walking on this foot, don't make me, don't make me!!!"

A handful of months ago he got really upset while I was gone (a sitter was watching him) and he went to his room and kicked the door as hard as he could. He did the same thing. He would not walk on the foot, he was hobbling on one leg, and stationed himself on the couch and read and watched tv. Eventually we took him to the doctor (I was embarrassed to because I knew he just sprained his foot) to get an x-ray. He explained to the doctor that he "threw a mad fit" and that was how he came to be in his condition. The doctor smiled and told him that he must have learned his lesson in kicking doors. He got crutches and everything. It was almost comical.

So how did we get home? Good question. The only thing I could think of doing as he said to me, "I am NOT walking home! You will have to carry me mom!" (Since I would have NONE of that) I walked the kids home (my two younger) and left my oldest there on the bench. Just for good measure I said to him, "Stay here, don't get up!" I had to laugh inside. But to be honest, I was a little worried because I have never just left him somewhere before on his own. The minute we went through the trees and the bench was out of sight, the younger children were whimpering about him and saying how much they missed him. Finally I got the car, pulled it up to the playground and as I walked up to the ground, I could see my oldest hanging out on the bench with forlorn face holding up his battle banner like he lost the battle and he is surrendering. He looked pathetic. I think he said to me when I approached, "Let's just face it. I'll never be able to walk again!"

Give me a break.

So, he is still hopping around and I am not taking him to the doctor. First of all, he didn't even hit it against anything. He just jumped. Second, he can hop around. Maybe now he won't be so eager to leave the dinner table or get up in the middle of school. I am sucking this for all it's worth.

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J. Hagan said...

"government school??!!" I love it! y'all really did spend some time in Idaho.