Helmet Breakers Drama

Yesterday my youngest son started wailing. He had actually been good all day long---he only had this one mishap. Apparently my daughter told him (in her anger) that she was quitting the band (the future band called the Helmet Breakers). She was going to sing and everything---it was going to be perfect, you know? Anyone would yelp in despair. She had informed me only a week prior that she was going to reserve Fridays and possibly Tuesdays to this endeavor. Losing a lead singer is really a downer. Sometimes you have to pull a "Well, I guess we have to hire Sammy Hagar now", sort of stunt to stay alive. It's kind of good that they are getting all this serious stuff over with before the band really starts.

There is always drama, ridiculous drama in a house with children. I was just talking to a friend last night about how her granddaughter and her son were eating breakfast together (they are five years apart) and how they were fighting over who is going to look at the cereal box or tilt it this way or that way. Oh man. I have this fight almost EVERY morning with these little gnomes. I find myself putting up with it (stupidly) and then I come to my senses and just take the box. I can not even believe that I let someone have a turn and what not. I think, what would the man of the house do in this situation? He would take away the box. He would ban them from the box every time they ate. The box would not be in this situation at all. The box is silly. I learn too much from him.

Fights really are, "He is looking at me!" "She is touching me!" "He took my paper!" "He told me I was a nutcase!" "She didn't give me my vitamin!" "She is standing in front of the TV!" "He took my stick!" "He has a bigger stick than me!" "He told me my Neopet card is dumb!" My favorite one has to be, "Mom, she is quitting the band! She is quitting the band! AHHHH!"


Mindi said...

Today my youngest is 15 years old. She is beautiful and wonderful, but I feel a little sad. Enjoy the years of cereal box wars because they are over so very quickly!

R said...

She is a wonderful niece. I love that girl! I can't believe she is only 15, really. She is so mature. It is incredible. I thought she was 17!

I will try my best to enjoy those years, but as you know, when it is going on it is not fun. But most of the time I am trying to make light of it anyway and laugh it all off.