Yesterday my daughter (who is almost five) was lamenting her lack of friends playing with her outside. I don't let her go to the park with the boys (just across the way) because she is too young. She hates this. She says, "But Mom, they can be in charge of me...the boys. I swear I will obey them so please let me go to the park!" This obviously does not work with me. I get too afraid for her being there with boys that are not old enough to help her.

So, as Man of the House clipped the hedge and I read a book while she played out front, she said, "I know! I have a friend to play with me: Jesus! I knew it!"

For now I tell her stories at night about a "muddy kitten" who rolls in the mud, ruins her mothers flowers, and her sissy kitten catches her. Sissy kitten goes to mommy cat and brings her outside to tell on muddy kitten. Mommy cat catches muddy kitten in action. (And this is where the story gets like me) Mommy cat decides that since muddy kitten ruined her flowers she would proceed to get the hose and hose her down because she is not clean enough to go in the house. My daughter laughs and laughs at this.

Man of the House tells her stories of knights, toads, princesses and lances and stuff. I would have loved that. For some reason she wants to hear more about muddy kitten---even more than the princess stuff, which surprises me. But of course, she thinks I am the greatest thing because I am a girl.

Yesterday we went to that sorry Architectural Museum in D.C. It was ridiculously boring. Dear Sir and I decided that it would be better if we had gotten a book on architecture instead---we would have seen more pictures (not that we even wanted to see pictures--) and more interesting things. They had some cultural Jewish exhibit there that had nothing to do with architecture, a craft show, and pretty much nothing else. I saw some pictures of houses in California with dates on them and we looked at when the Metro started. That is about it. We walked up and down that building (all the floors) and found nothing but empty rooms and little break rooms with coffee makers in them. Completely useless. The one thing we wanted to do was to stand in the middle of the building with all the pillars and look up, etc, but the stupid craft show was taking all that room and we could not even get inside. Don't get me wrong, some of the Smithsonian Museums are good, but some are just terrible and worthless. Just a big room full of junk or thrown together ideas. I understand that the Architecture one is probably under construction. I understand that. I just would not deceive people and say the thing is open when it is pretty much empty. Totally empty.

I am in the mood to go to the Museum of American History. I am not a huge fan of America or it's history---although I should not say that altogether. I do love history, I just like reading NOVELS about it, not usually non-fiction. I have been interested in the Civil War a lot---I always have been---so it would be good to see some stuff about that, although I don't like the praising of Abraham Lincoln (please don't bite me people!)---it just makes me sick---sorry. I am interested in knowing more about him and the War though, so that would be worthwhile. We keep talking about going to Ford's Theatre, so maybe we will do that. I used to hate the south. I mean, I just hated the culture and the weather, and just anything to do with it. I really love it now. My bad memories of it had nothing to do with the South itself, but had all to do with my own bad experiences that the South can not take the blame for. I have some really fond memories there, really. I should not throw it all out. I also have read a lot of books on the South, so I understand the culture a little better now than I used to. Coming from a California type mindset, my sort of culture and theirs is almost like night and day in comparison. Anyway, I could go on forever on this and offend many people and compliment many people, but I won't. I see that the South is kind of a bad word as far as the Civil War goes (if we think about it that way). I will say no more so Big Brother will not hear me.

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