Rude Mood

I am reminded on a consistent basis about my rudeness. This is a typical example that happens just about every day:

"Thank you Mom, for the wonderful dinner," says my youngest boy.

"Uh-huh," I say, which means you're welcome but I just am too lazy to say it.

Lately my youngest son will have none of it. He says, "Mom, you just say 'uh-huh'! You have to say 'you're welcome'! I don't know what 'uh-huh' means!"

I try to explain the 'uh-huh' to him. The next time I end up saying 'uh-huh' he says, "I think I know what uh-huh' means, but I would prefer it if you would say 'you're welcome'.

I am now trying to say 'you're welcome'.

The man of the house told me that I also forget to say "bless you" when people sneeze. I used to be so good about it. Lately I just let it go though, because hey, I am reading or I am busy cleaning something. The longer the time passes (the seconds between a sneeze and an acceptable 'bless you') I am in deep trouble. "Man, do you care that I just sneezed?" I soon hear. So, naturally, I am working on it.

I have found that I can be a moody person. There are times I just don't want to speak. Hearing my own voice in the stillness would jolt me out of my peace. I can't explain it any better than that. So, when I am peacefully reading, to interrupt and say "bless you" and shock my body with the loudness of my own voice would be so annoying. So really, it is a sacrifice for me, oh, man of the house.

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