Gums and Gummies

I was going to write about dental work, but I thought better of it. For one thing, I love going to the dentist. I love to get my teeth cleaned. It is pretty awesome that people "clean" out your teeth for lots of money and then you get to go home feeling sore and fresh. I love feeling sore in my gums. It is a rare thing now, but when you are a faithful flosser it sort of feels good. I have to get a crown done today. I was going to write a funny story about my last visit, but alas, I am too vain and it would reveal too much about my mouth. No, I don't have dentures. I may as well have them though. Goodness. I just have bad teeth. As much as I say that I would love to live in England, I know that if I were raised there I would be in deep trouble. Not that any of the dental work I have had in my deep past has been any good for me. I would just be up the creek, if you know what I mean. Yeah, she looks nice, except when she smiles. Thankfully my teeth are straight and even so I can fool people. I really didn't mean to even write this much about dental work.

I got my oldest son Spy Gear for his birthday. He could care less about one of the items, but the other he thinks is the greatest. I knew it would be horrible when I saw it but stupidly I bought it anyway. I just knew he would love it. With that I also got him a huge tub of gummy worms. He keeps it in his room. I have caught his sister and brother helping themselves and I am faithful to inform them that the gummy worms are their brothers and they are not community gummy worms. My oldest has gotten so distressed with this he has facilitated his spy gear for this. The spy gear item that he loves the most actually records your voice and when you press a button you can set the dumb thing anywhere and apparently it has a motion sensor or something on it, which makes it more annoying. You walk by the thing and it talks to you. The idea is that you "think" so and so is right near you when you walk by but really they are hiding behind the stair case laughing at how they tricked you. Dumb, I know. So, my oldest son decides that I am a good keeper of the gummy worms and so he puts them on the floor near me. On top of that he puts his spy gear device.
"Walk by," my son says to his sister.
She walks by.
"I know you want my gummies! Get away from the gummies! E---! L---! Get away from the gummies! Uh, if it's you, mom, you can have one if you want."

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