Wipe Out, Dude

My almost five year old daughter biffed it on her Barbie big wheel. She was riding it as fast as she could down a decline. The neighborhood kids brought her to the door on a wagon. She was bleeding everywhere and whimpering. They rang the door bell. I carried her into the house and cleaned her up in my bathroom and noticed that she totally skinned her big toe. All the top skin flayed off. She also biffed up her face---she must have fallen on her mouth. Her lip is about double its size. She has skid marks below her nose and on her chin. She touched her upper lip and cried, "Mom, I don't like it this way!" She looks like she lost a fight to Mike Tyson. I showed her her face in a mirror (she insisted) and she said, "I hate it."

She is lamenting the fact that she is not playing with her friends but is happy that she can sit and watch Barbie in the Nutcracker while she ices her lip and drinks water. She was so brave!

My youngest son is so protective of her; he came up to the bathroom when he found she was hurt and took a look at her. Since she was bleeding quite a bit it scared him and he started to baby talk her and was crying piteously. What a good brother.

I think she looks kind of cute all dinged up.

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