It Just Figures

All week we have been planning a picnic in Great Falls for Saturday (today). Last night I made fried chicken, biscuits, cookies, etc for the occassion. Sunday would be Easter and maybe we could go to our favorite church and before that have a nice dinner of ham and all the other stuff that goes with it. I even made this oreo dessert thing that is some family tradition for it. It is all exciting. The man of the house took two days off next week: Monday and Tuesday, so he would have a four day weekend. Monday is my oldest son's birthday (he will be ten) and we would spend the day with him and go mini golfing, and have tiramisu (his favorite dessert) and watch Narnia (I got that for him for his birthday), and eat popcorn. On Tuesday, like it can't get any better, is my eight year anniversary married to the greatest man ever, Man of the House. Eight lovely, wonderful years. We have all kinds of things planned for that day, I assure you.

So, guess what happens this morning? My daughter wakes up throwing up.

I am PRAYING and PRAYING that no one else gets sick. I know that usually does not happen, but last time my youngest son was throwing up everything went fine, no one else got sick. Man of the House is convinced that it was the erasers he was eating that caused this. I am not so sure. Anyway, we are all taking Acidophilous pills and hopefully nature will destroy the virus. I hope.

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Jeannie said...

praying that Rez is that favorite church! and praying that no one else got sick...sounds like a wonderful few days!! I am happy for you! see you Tuesday evening...