Snap Attack

Ok, so I almost lost it just now. It really depends on your point of view---I could have almost lost it, but then I could have totally lost it to some people. My oldest has not stopped snapping. It drives the Master out of his mind, I usually just ignore it, and so life goes on. Just a bit ago he was in a snapping frenzy. I kept telling him to cut it out but it was like he was trying to finish an overture or something. I sat down next to the pc and he starts creatively snapping in my ears--loud, annoying, cracking, and with great fervor, apparently in a snapping daze. I am serious, it was really in my ears, over my head around my face. I could have belted him over the head I was so annoyed, but I just told him to get away from my head and snap upstairs. What is the attraction? He doesn't have Turrets.

He has been screaming too, lately. The day before yesterday he got so angry at his brother he screamed, "NO!" at the top of his lungs in the house while the windows were open. Dear Sir was just outside about to walk in from work and saw all the neighbors look in the direction of our house sort of wonderingly. Our next door neighbors were really friendly when we first moved in. I think I let it slip once that we home school and that we are Christians and they haven't carried a conversation with us since. I go to the grocery store and she acts like she does not see me. She runs in her house every time I am outside. Now our kids scream. They caught me playing guitar outside once. To top things off, I must look like a freak because I have such a pale complexion that when I run I look like a crazy demon. I know I look like I am about to die but it is just that I have such light colored skin. All the foreign people that are walking on my running route laugh at me as I run by. Really, they do. I can see how they smile and then chuckle. I suppose I am the "red runner". So, sometimes when I come back from running a long while (and that means I am extra special in my ruddiness) those neighbors are out there and so I just look down hoping that they don't look at me. Thankfully, when we move in our new house my One and Only is going to buy me a treadmill so I won't have to scare the new neighbors.

Well, Scarface is needing my attention and she wants me to help her get dressed, so that ends my little speel for the day. Her lip is back to normal, so that is good. Maybe she can eat today like she couldn't yesterday. Poor thing. She couldn't even talk clearly, no one could understand her. She kept getting frustrated having to repeat herself.

Spellcheck is not working so hopefully I did not make too many errors. Bear with me.


Rick Capezza said...

You should write a book. I'd buy it.

R said...

Wow. Thanks. I didn't think I was much of a writer. I guess I get it from my Partner in Crime, Eleysium. He rubs off on you after awhile. :)

Jeannie said...

i would buy 15 copies and given it away for Christmas presents.

the snapping would drive me crazy.

when i babysat, i actually had to address the screaming as well. :)

R said...

You should have told me! I would have twisted his lips together in a little knot!