Phil Wickham - Messiah

It is a bit slow at first, but stick with it until the end. He blows my socks off every time I watch. This guy is truly incredible.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can see why you like that guy - he reminds me of you. Well, your singing, I mean. Good stuff!

R said...

Well that was an intensely wonderful compliment! When I first heard this I nearly fell out of my chair, I thought he did so well. Guitar playing and singing can become so monotonous but he had so much energy and kept the level up I was reminded of Jeff Buckley (but less over the top vocal---Jeff went a little too crazy live).

A work of art, as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

I'm not wearing socks. I couldn't make it to the end. The hair hanging in his eye was disturbing me to much. Yes, I have issues.

It's wonderful that we find someone who inspires us. :o)