In the Morning Drinking Coffee with Nothing to Do

Every time I roast a turkey I have to remember it is like roasting a big chicken. That helps.

I am going to run in a few and thought I would wish every one a happy holiday.

Yesterday was a rough day just getting things done and dealing with the kids who did not have school to entertain them. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. I mean, I wept and gnashed my teeth. Truly, I did. It has to do with cable, many wires and cords, a muffled Indian voice over the phone, a Girl interrupting and asking if she can eat a sucker, a boy crawling around under the coffee table making noises and tossing his hands about near me, a bigger boy yelping so loud I could not hear, and one big fat attitude. Something had to get bit.

By God's never-ending grace, blood-shed did not occur, but peace eventually abounded. Dear Sir came home to a semi-calm house (he came home late) and I sat, exhausted, on the couch. And I didn't even run yesterday. How worthless I am. I haven't taken a shower in two days, the night before last I got eleven hours of sleep (that is how I skipped running), and now this morning I have been up for an hour and a half already while everyone sleeps. This is nice.

I also learned from Dear Sir that he was plotting a huge surprise birthday party for me since I am turning 30 on my day of doom. More on that later.



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And, no, I'm not being sarcastic. ;o)

No turkey here. Just waiting to hit the road in a few hours.

I hate traveling on the holidays. Sigh.

Avery Gray said...

Hope today is better than yesterday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my dear!

Dapoppins said...

30 is not a day of doom. Even Avery lived through it...wait...is she THAT OLD?

Dapoppins said...

How did the bird turn out?

Anne said...

"Day of DOOM"? 30? Wait until you're 41 like me! 41, fat with gray hair, and living one day and a time.

R said...

Lisa---hope all went well with the traveling.

Avery--Thanks! I hope you had a good day too. Our day went very well. I am wiped out because I worked so stinking hard!!

Dapoppins---Huh. Is she that old?

The bird turned out excellent. Everyone was most impressed. I am a decent cook, despite how much Dear Sir could do with out it.

Anne--Yeah, day of doom. I know, I can't wait until I am 41, actually. I don't mind 41. The youthfulness of the twenties is long gone by then and there is no turning back. That I can handle. Besides, when you are in your forties, you become a real woman. I am still struggling to become one! :)

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I cannot believe that you are not 30 yet...I have not been in my twenties since 1989. Was Reagan president? What a sweetie Dear Sir is to give you a party!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a couple of days late, as usual, but I'm glad you had a good holiday and I hope by now you've had a chance to recover. And 30 is only the beginning, my friend.

Anonymous said...

ummmm....why would he TELL you about a "surprise" party? isn't that kind of defeating the purpose of it being a surprise?

wessexcathedral@gmail.com said...

QZ---I know, I know. He had to spill the beans because of some glitch. I see why he did, now that he told me. He can't very well get me on a plane without me knowing something is up! I thought that he could have waited until the day before we got on a plane though, or maybe even the morning of. But---Dear Sir is not like that. He is just too organized, prompt, and polite to put me out in any fashion.

Good to see you