The Colour - Devil's Got a Holda Me

You guys have got to see this. At least, if you have any taste whatsoever in music. This guy is like Bono and Jim Morrison molded into one human being. Way better than Evanescence.


Avery Gray said...

It's not showing up for me. Sorry.

Emma Sometimes said...

~snort~ Evanescence? ME NO LIKEY.

Okay, I listened half way through. They have a good sound. How did you find them?

By the way, I really liked talking to you yesterday. Feel free to call me ANYTIME you have ironing. :)

I always call people when I'm doing dishes. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Bono-Morrison dude is interesting. I like to think I have good taste in music. :o)

Anonymous said...

those dudes have a serious case of indigestion. I would recommend maalox. Other than that they seem to have some real promise

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

His striped shirt reminds me of one of the Monkeys. Was it Davy that wore the striped shirt? I can't remember.

R said...

Avery---Figures it is not showing up for you!!! Ha ha. I put the Evanescence joke there for you to enjoy, but oh well. :(

But she sings well!

Emma---They ARE good and quite broken up, to my sadness. Figures a year after the fact I finally look at their site and they are no longer. Great disc though!

Oh, I saw them open up for Eisley. I found Eisley when they opened up for Coldplay. When the Colour played for Eisley it was incredible. The lead singer was all over the place. Reminded me queerly of old U2. Like the War era. Incredible.

Lisa--Not sure about the Proclaimers, but the hundred miles song is ok. I mean, lots of people like it. Ha ha. You do put some fun stuff up that I enjoy watching.

Doozie---yeah, real promise that is no more! They are goners. Oh well. They are rather serious.

Shealy---I think Davey is the only one of the Monkees anyone remembers. Wasn't there a Peter? Maybe HE was the one with the striped shirt. I thought it was the guy that had that hat on all the time. The snow cap?

I love the Monkees. "I'm a Believer" is my favorite. Written by none other than Neil Diamond.

Dapoppins said...

I like...