My Latest Project

I love icons and I love religious art. I had a window in my shed (that came with the house) and nothing to do with it. It took me a year to think this up, or at least, to have it dawn on me. All the "white" paper you see in the window panes are vellum (like what the monks of old wrote on), and the pictures of saints and whatnot are from a calendar Dear Sir bought at the National Cathedral in 2006. We had nothing to do with the beautiful pictures, so I decided to use them up! I painted the window black and stressed the wood. I also painted the inside of the panes black to get a "stained glass" feel.

I think the saints in the window panes appropriate because icons are often called "windows to heaven."

Now I have revealed my true freakishness.


Anne said...

You truly are full of "freakishness". Is that a word?

Emma Sometimes said...

Those are really beautiful...

I'm also geeking out over the crook neck squash in your basket there. Very odd looking..the squash that is.

Emily said...

I don't think you're freakish at all. So there. :-)

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

This is not freakish. This is a small part of your artistic bent, which I have always admired. You are only freaky about meat.

R said...

Anne---You are probably a flowery person is all! LOL!

Emma--Yeah, I liked that squash so I got it at the pumpkin patch where that kid broke his arm. Cool, huh?
Thank you for calling it beautiful!

Emily--I know YOU wouldn't. That makes two freaks that are afraid to admit it....LOL

Shealy---LOL, you crack me up. I am freaky about meat, and coins, and metal, and jewelry, and clods of hair. Oh, and worms, and touching cheese.


R said...

Emma--Again, how is that hair even fair?

Anonymous said...

I think the icons are lovely. Using the window was very creative. :o)

I have found memories of those green and orange crook-necks... My Mamaw and Papaw raised them in their garden and told us kids that they were monkey eggs. You should have seen us watching for them to hatch! LOL

R said...

Lisa---Thank you!!!

How cute about the monkey eggs! My oldest son would totally take the bait on that one, he believes anything!!! LOL