I Am Now Officially Fish Free

I rid myself of the worthless but cute parasite named Tolstoy. I even gave the cleaning bucket away too. Yes, yes, yes. No more gelatinous masses of whatnots clogging up my drain. No more sweating over the dank and murky tank. No more putting on those sick gloves. No more filters, encrusted rocks, dark green filth, dispensing salmon pebbles, seeing long strings of secretion when I am eating. No more feeling guilty when the fish is barely viewable because I have gone a month without cleaning the dang tank. No more wet shirts and floors. I hate wet shirts.

The kids were a little concerned though because the lady that took Tolstoy was named Darla. Apparently the freak fish killer dentist daughter girl on Finding Nemo was named Darla? Huh. At least I don't have to kill him.


Avery Gray said...

Our fish died a while back. The boy didn't even notice he was gone. Obviously he was loved deeply.

Glad you found a home for Tolstoy. I'm sure not every Darla is a fish killer.

R said...


Yeah, but it is fun to pretend that every Darla is dangerous. I thought that was funny.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

That is like giving your dog to Cruella Deville. Confession is good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

I believe that you are the first person I've ever known who found a home for their goldfish rather than simply flushing them. You are a true humanitarian, my friend. Good for you!

Anne said...

I am with you on the fish tank YUCK. Ours was on the kitchen counter. One time HubbaHoney and HubbaDood came home with a tadpole and decided to put it in the fish tank. About a week later the GIANT gold fish at it's belly. I saw it while eating breakfast one morning! AAHHH!!!

Emma Sometimes said...

hahahahha! Darla! That is really funny...holy cow that's funny. Why is that so funny to me...owie, my side, make it stop.

R said...

Shealy---I know. The good thing is that I met her and she has even updated me on Tolstoy's condition and he is so HAPPY! He even has a new fish friend and they have plenty of tank room, etc. I am so glad!!!!

JRH---He would have clogged the toilet.

Anne---That's disturbing.

Emma---Glad it made you laugh. I thought it was comical too. The kids were really worried about it too. LOL