My Daughter Saved Me

Yesterday I decided to run my butt off and then get the kids to Co-op. I was teaching the art class (at the last minute---thankfully I know some art) and I stupidly told the authorities that I did not need an assistant. Well good grief, I did. I did not realize that the absent teacher would leave me with very little to get the project going. We were painting. I needed water. That was the blasted thing I could not remember on my way there. I knew I would need some cleaning supplies and some paper towels (how would I have done it if I had not stopped and gotten some on the way?!) but did not think of water. Ready water.

Thankfully the Girl was there and she went back and forth from the classroom to the bathroom getting me water for the paint cups. Once she finished doing that, we all sat down and I explained the color wheel to them. It was sort of nuts because I had about ten kids from Kindergarten and First Grade and they were all over the place. I just think paint and little kids don't mix really well, but they seemed sort of cool about it. I begged and pleaded with them not to mix the paint around, to wait for instruction, etc. They did pretty well except for one of the boys who just wanted to make "black" and so he took his palate and swirled all the paint together. I saw him do it. He took his hand, jerked it around in a circular, jagged motion on the palate and looked up at me. It would have been fine except for the fact that the paint was even scarce, if you could believe it, and I almost lost all composure. I almost took a bite out of him; he looked up like it ain't no thang but I reeled it in and mechanically got more paint. Almost as soon as we sat down another kid showed up late and my daughter looked directly at me and said, "I will go get another cup of water." She knew exactly what I was thinking because it was the perfect resolve for me. I felt calm. I floated outside my own body and watched the masses of paper towels being used, the paint swirling about, the fingers turning various colors. One girl got purple paint in her hair.

Later when Dear Sir came home I sang her praises. "Did you know how awesome she was in art class today? She was my perfect assistant! She worked hard for me, I was so relieved to have her! She saved the class."

The Girl looked at both of us and said, "It was hard work but I actually rather enjoyed it."

I gave her a bath, and as we washed I insisted that we talk with British accents the remainder of the evening. Then she pretended that she was Lucy and I was Susan, and I can't remember what we talked about (most likely nonsense) but we read Narnia after she got her pajamas on.

I had paint on my hands to my wrists (I really get into it when I do color) and I got red paint on my good jeans. Why the heck I would wear my good jeans to a painting class I have no clue, but I did run a long time and forgot to eat lunch, so there you have it.


Anne said...

Oh those Co-op days!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! We belong to a local group - very organized. Every mom in that group will tell you - we don't do it because it's fun. It is such a chore!! Dragging all the supplies for teaching, etc. I'm so tired by the time we're finished that I can hardly drive home.

Anonymous said...

I stand in awe.

(I wouldn't do it for a million dollars. Well, maybe for a million dollars. You know what I mean.)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'm keeping it. LOL.

Jennifer said...

That's the kind of mommy duty I loathe. Yeah, I've put in my time, and I pretend I'm patient and sweet. Then I come home and beat my children just to relieve the pressure. Aaaaaah!

Avery Gray said...

I pay people to do that. ;o)

Your Girl is awesome!

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

You are the perfect mom. We never did the co-op thing because I did not want the work of it. I am very, very proud of The Girl. Wow. When daughters are your friends, you are twice blessed.

Emma Sometimes said...

You ARE the perfect mom. Not perfect, as we all strive for that..but the perfect mom....yes, you are. Don't back sass me.

I listened to all your youtube music. I'm a stalker now.

I'm calling you TOMORROW. Gird your loins.

Anonymous said...

I just heard you talked to your first blogger by phone, so your talking to blogger virginity is over. BUT I'm jealous...I wanted to talk to you and someone got to talk to you first so I'm pretty sure I"m going to stab her

R said...

Get my number from that same blogger. Or better yet, I will email you my number. Then you can call me and "intimidate" me.