I got this from Susie and I won't gripe. Here are ten things you may not know about me because I am too tired to think of writing material:

1. I lost thirty pounds in one month after the birth of my Oldest by walking to and from work every day, rain, snow, sleet, or shine.

2. I sang in Carnegie Hall. The Beatles sang there too---which is unrelated, but cool.

3. I ate sushi one time and it tasted like aspirin.

4. I had a thyroglossal duct cyst in my neck (obviously), which turned out to be a part of my thyroid, but for some reason when I had the thing removed, my thyroid function remained normal. Who knew.

5. I went to a baseball game for the second time (in my life) and wondered what everyone was doing when they were getting up for the "seventh innng stretch"?

6. I have never run a race or a marathon and don't plan to.

7. I had a big huge fat grey worm crawl up my leg in the middle of the night when Dear Sir used to work nights. I remember it was pitch dark in the room and I grabbed it with my fingers and held it up to see what it was. I kept squishing it and saying in my head (half-asleep), "what IS this?!" I decided to chuck it in the bathroom and run over and turn the light on to see what it was. A HUGE worm. I flushed the thing down the toilet (after protecting my hands with toilet paper---I had already touched it with my bare hands, but you know, knowledge is power) and tore the bed apart to search for more. There were none but it took me forever to fall asleep again.

8. I suffer from severe eczema and I have the ugliest hands on this here earth. My feet are a close second. Unlike Susie who boasts of beautiful feet.

9. I have the power to draw vast amounts of blood from my mouth and frighten people with it. I have since discovered that it is against God's law for me to do this when I read Leviticus. Ooops.

10. I am double-jointed, can raise one eyebrow, but can not whistle to save my life. Dear Sir says I am pathetic, which I am. I will not argue there.


Lisa said...


Emma Sometimes said...

worms are good for you. especially with ketchup.

I stepped on a cockroach barefoot once. yuck.

and no, you are not pathetic.

lastly, I answered you in my first single/married post. Don't be sorry for how you feel...I'm glad you commented. That subject is so multi-faceted from morals, to God's purpose, to stupid ideals, to someone ignorant just selling books. Me? I LOVE being married....

~Jennifer said...

I have severe eczema too. My hands look okay right now except for one large patch on the first knuckle of my pointer finger on my right hand. I can't get that to clear up for some reason, and it's been there for years now.

I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

i don't get the blood in your mouth thing. i stepped on a slug and squished it between my bare toes in the dark once, and i screamed. i would have screamed when i saw that thing

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Cool. I have never seen the blood trick. You are full of surprises.
The worm in the bed at night is really terrible. EEK! For some less hardy souls, that would require a 12 step group for complete recovery.

R said...


Emma--I LOVE being married too. Dear Sir is tops.
I would freak about the cockroach, although the worm is worse to me. Worms are not good in any situation, I beg to differ! Ha ha.

Jennifer--Then you must HATE eczema like I do! I hate bleeding on my hands when I use them so much.

Susie---that is the whole point. You aren't supposed to get it, you are supposed to be amazed. All I do is puncture the inside of my cheeks and suck my own blood out from the puncture. Gross, I know, but I actually have not done that since highschool---too many frightened and bad reactions.

Now, stepping on a slug is GROSS. Almost as bad as a worm on your thigh. I would scream too.

Shealy--I think it took me literally years to get over that thing cold turkey with no mental help. It was rough...

~Jennifer said...

I do hate it. The stuff on the hands is particularly painful because the cracks keep opening up whenever you do anything, and hand washing is painful too.

I get it on my face, neck, back, shoulders and arms too. I control it using Protopic (I'm a mess when I don't use it.) but my sheets are bloody from itching at night. It's embarrassing.

wessexcathedral said...

Jennifer--I get dry patches on my face a little and I do get some patches here and there all over my person but I didn't know that it would actually be eczema. I thought I just had it on my hands (which I do). Hmmm...

I didn't know that you could have some prescribed treatment too. That would be nice. Dear Sir keeps telling me to go to the doctor. I just put Cortizone on it a little and suffer through it a lot.

Do you use natural soap? I would recommend that if you don't. I use it and I know I would be much worse if not for it.

Emily said...

If we ever meet in person (as I'm sure we will someday) you have to PROMISE ME HOPE TO DIE that you won't do the bloody-mouth thing.