Nothing to Shout About

Ok, here are my keys. Someone said that they tell a lot about a person. First of all, you see, I have a little card for Petsmart on my ring. I have a fish named Tolstoy. That is typically where I buy his stuff. The one you can not see is for a grocery store I go to in town. Then of course, I have a Borders rewards card. Two keys are for the house and one key is for the shed. The black key is for the Saturn and the VW key is for the guess what---the VW. Pretty plain jane if you ask me.

Maybe it tells you how simple I am? I have not even bothered to get a key chain. Why don't I have a Wonder Woman one? Now that is an idea....or Alice in Wonderland. Hmm...maybe I will go shopping for a keychain.


Lisa said...

Mine are plain janier! *LOL*

Carolanne said...

Borders reward card? Is that "Borders" as in the bookstore????! I want one of those. :)

Anonymous said...

yup...you need to get a little something on your keyring. do you keep your "kills" in that shed?

R said...


Carolanne--Yep. Borders the bookstore. Not sure if they reward Aussies, but in the US they do. Not sure what the card does exactly, it is supposed to reward you somehow, but I have yet to see the reward. It is free, so next time you step in there ask for one.

Susie--I agree with you. I need SOMETHING.
I like to think that I keep my kills in that shed. At least the blood is still on Darlene (aka--shovel)!