Visiting the Workforce

Mr. President will be at Dear Sir's work tomorrow. I told him to tell him "hi" for me. He doubts he will see him though. Bush has been a traffic issue for our family two times now. I hope he isn't again tomorrow. First we got in a jam going past Dulles Airport (why was he not on Marine Corps One?---or whatever it is called) and then the next time we got stuck by the Pentagon on our way to the National Gallery of Art. On the way back there he was in the parking lot of the Pentagon saying some speech. He was up on a huge screen and people were everywhere. We see him a lot around here.

In that picture is Dirk Kempthorne---the Senator for Susie's neck of the woods. I don't miss that guy for some reason. Don't like his hair among other things.

I ran like a mad woman today to see if I could do it and I ran ten miles! My feet hurt, but that is it so far. I have not done that in about a year.

Among other news, Chess Club is tonight and my house is a disaster. I also painted all day yesterday. I went nuts and even painted a closet. I have lots of painting to do because people are going to come and visit me in the spring and my house has to be finished as far as paint goes. I can stand it no longer.

And I didn't watch the SuperBowl so there. I don't even know who was playing. I heard Colts but that is all I know. I made Dear Sir and the boys popcorn and then went to bed. Painting makes you tired.

I remembered just now---the Bears?

After I ran, I promised my daughter that I would play Memory with her. I lost miserably, so she gave me a few matches to make us even. I gave them back because I refused to be a bad sport.

And now I must make dinner, which I have no idea what that will be.

Have a good evening.


Badoozie said...

marine corps one? THAT Is funny. you are funny!

good ole dirk, he got ousted by Butch Otter in the governors race this year

wessexcathedral said...

Well, he has Air Force One (the plane) and then he also has the Chopper which I think is called Marine Corps One. Let me see if I am right. I think maybe it is just called Marine One? But I am right to some degree.

I like Dirk better than Butch. I can't stand that guy.

Todd said...

Someone was asking you the other day how to spell buffoon.

I spell it BUSH!

Watching him attempt to string a complete sentence together is always entertaining.

Marine One is correct. Actually whatever he flies on would be designated X One. I just can't recall the Prez ever flying on an Army or Navy aircraft.

Lisa said...

I watched the Super Bowl by default. We have one television. Jack was watching it. I hoped to at least see some good commercials, but didn't. Not one. Seeing Prince's hair get wet was kind of funny... *TeeHee*

wessexcathedral said...

Todd---That is so funny. Bush does act like a baffoon.

Thanks for clearing that up. You would indeed know these things now, wouldn't you?

Lisa--I forgot that Prince was performing and I missed it! Dang! He is from Dear Sir's home city and supposedly Dear Sir thinks that he has talent. I think he is a bit effeminite. Seeing Prince get wet would be something I would NOT have wanted to see, so maybe it is good I missed it! Ha ha!

Leslee said...

You don't have to paint for little ol' me!! LOL

Alisa said...

I went to see some of Rembrandt's works on Superbowl Sunday. So you weren't the only one who didn't watch.

~Jennifer said...

Make a frittata. lol

R said...

I could just picture my family saying now: "A fri-what-ah?"

I would LOVE to make stuff like that but, alas, I am forced to make unnatural food.

Emma Sometimes said...

I didn't watch either. I was too busy outrunning the state police on the back roads of WA.

graybandit said...

first off...i talked to a girl and totally skipped the superbowl.

secondly, dirk kempthorne is actually the ex-governor of idaho...not sure if he ever was a senator or not though...not his most recent job if so...lol...