Merry Christmas

Note to Dear Sir: I am getting you back---don't kill me when I do. (I wince as I say this)Ha ha.

Dear Sir was in his prime mood last night. He had a tough work week and I think he was relieved to be home, so he was in one of those moods when he antagonizes everyone with jokes the whole night. We had to all go and pick up our VW at the shop and he had the kids convinced that tomorrow is Christmas and we were on our way to get a tree. The Oldest usually gets sucked in quick because he is so literal, but then he looks over at me while I am shaking my head and looking down and thinks, "Mom doesn't even believe it."

Eraser Eater said, "But we didn't even finish an Advent Calendar!"

Dear Sir just said, "Yes you did."

They spew objections and then Dear Sir somehow convinces them of his little plot.

My daughter started to paw at me and say, "Are we really getting a tree!? This is SO EXCITING!"

Finally I told her no, Dad is being crazy.

Even on the way we passed a restaurant with little lights on the roof and he said, "Look! Christmas lights!" They all "oohed and ahhed".

He turned up a country music station (we don't listen to country) and started singing loudly over it with words like "Noel" and "Happy Jolly". "Listen to the Christmas music!" he yelped.

So when we finally got to the shop to get the car, I made sure that I was the one leaving HIM with the kids. He could take care of that madness and I don't have to be in the car when he tells them it is all a joke.

Once Eraser Eater and the daughter were put to bed, I crawled under the covers and read my book. Dear Sir decided to come up and work on his laptop. The Oldest came up as well to read his Bible. Dear Sir started to talk about Christmas or something again with the Oldest. I can't even remember what it was. By this time I was so annoyed that he came in the room with his jokes while I was peacefully reading! I threatened to toss him out of the room and he laughed at me heartily. That boy loves making me mad.

He also informed me that TWO people at work notified him that he looks just like Keifer Sutherland. He finally believes me now, the freak.


~Jennifer said...

Oh he does! Interesting.

Lyssa said...

I somehow can't see him trying to convince the kids that it was Christmas time. I never saw the goofy side, only the serious, Church-going side!

Yes, Mozart-Man and I have been officially dating for six months. He's pretty cool : )

Anonymous said...

i don't see the resemblance, perhaps these people are shaking him down for some favors? better be careful...it's a conspiracy, or a shake down as i like to call it, if that makes sense. can dear sir do 21 push-ups?

wessexcathedral.gmail.com said...

I see the resemblance, totally. He looks more like him in person, if you ask me.

I don't think he can do 21 push ups, but probably. He was in the military. They had to do that there.

Jack Bauer.

Carolanne said...

Merry Christmas!
I would have used that "joke" to my advantage and given my husband a Christmas wish list. LOL

By the way, hope you don't mind but I added your blogsite to my list of favourites. You're good!

graybandit said...

just noting that while military is military, not all branches are created equal...'dear sir' was in the air force, in intelligence of all things. pushups = not prime directive :-P

and 15 or so years later, it's hard to imagine that anything carried over too well ;-)

jus' messin though.

Lisa said...

Hmm... A little Keiferish indeed!

Merry Christmas! *Chuckle*

R said...

Carolanne--He already knows my wish list! LOL!

Thank you. I will put you on here in a jiffy---

Graybandit---I know, I know, but he DID have to do those things in basic at least.In fact, I am not sure what he did. He can't talk about it.

R said...

Oh yes, forgot---Merry Christmas to you, Carolanne, and you as well Lisa!

We actually are having a white one right now. I am so in the Christmas spirit. LOL.

Anne said...

I think it's his lips and maybe the eyes.

Have a Hawry Jawry Christmas!

R said...

Anne---it is totally the eyes and the mouth. Not the nose at all! Keifer's is rounded, Dear Sir's is just perfect.

Merry Christmas to you too!