Build My Coffin

Everyone feel sorry for me. I have been breaking up fights all day. Does it wear any of you out who have more than one kid? It wears me down to where I feel like I have been embalmed. I know I am complaining. I suppose that I could be grateful that my children can speak? Eraser Eater is the whiny one, the daughter cries at the drop of a hat, and the Oldest flares out in anger over everything. The most common thing I say (I have found) is: "I am done." I even say it to Dear Sir at times. It does not end with children. Dear Sir usually says to me in response, "You always say that, but then you still keep going."

Keep going.

For fun, I will post the most recent search words that made my blog a hit:

1. green cathedral
2. "went to the store wearing"
3. "black stuff* throat"
4. walter wick fan
5. "had to hold it" pee in traffic

I don't have many. During Christmas I think I was one of the main hits for Manheim Steamroller. Amazing. I hate them.

The kids are outside playing in the snow and keep coming in over and over crying over their frigid hands. CRYING. They keep grabbing the snow like it won't happen again.

I am weak and I need major calories.

I actually made granola bars today and a pie. And just for Leslee, I will paint the house again this weekend. I have to do it for "little ol'" her.

Gotta go break up another fight----


Anonymous said...

i say put your ipod on your ears, and let the little eggtimers fight it out

Anonymous said...

I will first forgive you for hating Manneheim Steamroller. I know you are under stress and all.

Secondly, I know that please embalm me feeling. I have five. My oldest is on her own this year and getting married in June, when she is home visiting, she still fits right in at times with the other four and their bickering moments. I have two teen boys and two little girls in the home now. There are days I understand why some animals eat their young. ;)

I must admit though, that most days are good to great, so if I don't quit, it always gets better.

R said...

Susie---yeah, the ipod is useful, but I am too lazy to put new songs on it. I don't want to sit and listen to my running songs or anything...

Pam in C-- Thanks for reading! I misspelled "Manneheim", eh? I wish I could like them, but I just can't. Thank you for forgiving me! HA ha.

Sounds like you have your hands full. I always whine a bit about my kids and act like they are taking over the house. I try to put a witty spin on it, but alas, sometimes I am to tired to be witty. Oh well. I am glad that you understand at any rate.

Most days are good to great over here too. On the bad days I have been known to growl "I'm clocking out!" the second Dear Sir opens the door in the evening.

R said...

Oh good grief. "Too tired to be witty" is what I meant to type. I am not typically one of those.

Emma Sometimes said...

I'm with you on Mannheimlic Steamroller. Yuck.

Somedays you do want to bang their heads together. I make them sit down and write 10 nice things about each other. That works WONDERS.

Lisa said...

Um... Why aren't they wearing gloves or mittens? *LOL*

I only have the one and there are still fights. Mostly with the cat. Emily got the worst end of it I'm afraid. Sir Surly Fuzzbottom is no longer allowed in the house. *Ahem*

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I am down to one teenager, and she has no one to fight with. She does get a little testy and disappointed with me, when I am inconsistent. I can't blame her. I upset me too.